A Safe tag-certified provider is recognized as a trustworthy supplier operating in full compliance with current rules and regulations. As a certified supplier, you will be searchable to procurers in Safe Tag who are looking for suppliers with certain attributes or skill sets, which means an increase in positive exposure for your company.

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How to proceed:
  1. Start your registration process here
  2. Safe Tag™ merges the company information and documentation that you provide with relevant information from both public and private databases.
  3. An auditor from Safe Tag™ will check the dataset and issue an approved status to your company as soon as all points of revision are in compliance with relevant rules & regulations.
  4. Once approved, you`ll get access to the all supplier benefits provided by Safe Tag and your company will be accessible to procurers using Safe Tag as a supplier management tool.
A Safe Tag-certification entails:
Your company will be accessible to procurers using Safe Tag as a supplier management tool.
A shared workspace for all relevant documents, accessible to you and your procurers.
An efficient way to present your company in a favourable fashion in a business environment characterized by ever-increasing competition.
The right to use the “Certified By Safe Tag” token in your company`s branding & communication activities.


Find a solution depending on your company size
Up to 10 employees Up to 50 employees Over 50 employees
2 900,- 4 900,- 6 900,-
Price per year Price per year Price per year
The Safe Tag-certification process:

Documents you will have to upload:

Company certificate
Tax certificate
Financial key figures
Affiliation with industry organizations and associations
Insurances and certificates
Environmental approvals and certificates
Quality systems and certificates
Documentation of corporate ethical guidelines
Industry-related requirements and approvals (depending on industry)

This is what you will get:

A certificate confirming that your company is in full compliance with the rules governing public procurement
Your company will allways be searchable to procurers
Your company’s documentation allways up-to date and verified
Omnichannel marketing package

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