Safe Tag certifies businesses across all industries and sectors. Efficient process
support ensures that all documentation related to suppliers and specific tender
requirements are kept up-to-date, in accordance with contractual and statutory

For compliance– and procurement officers, this means that they`ll always have access
to relevant supplier information through one easy-to-use application. This reduces time
spent on information gathering and verification to a bare minimum, facilitates fulfillment
of the company’s CSR and legal obligations and minimizes exposure to any negative PR or
legal fall out.

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1. The supplier registers his company and places an order to get certified

The supplier is only asked to answer questions relevant to his own industry, this allows for an easy registration process.

2. Safe Tag verifies the company’s information as correct and up-to-date

Safe Tag verifies the company`s information as correct and up-to-date. Once the supplier has uploaded the required documents, one of Safe Tag’s auditors verifies the information.

3. The supplier is certified

Safe Tag issues a certificate to the supplier confirming that the company is in full compliance with the rules governing public procurement.

4. The certified suppliers are visible and searchable for procurers in Safe Tag

Safe Tag procureres can access supplier information in Safe Tag for enhanced insight, benchmark purposes or prequalification purposes. The procurer will also get access to a powerful monitoring tool providing instant feedback if the supplier creditworthiness drops.

Safe Tag provides procurers with the opportunity to:
Manage all of your suppliers within one system.
Simplify supplier- and document management through intelligent dashboards.
Communicate directly with suppliers through the system, which will allways alert you to pending messages and documents.

Is Safe Tag a viable Qualification tool for procurers within the public sector?

The law firm Arntzen de Besche AS has evaluated whether public procurers subject to LOA are allowed to use Safe Tag as a tool for documentation and fulfilment of qualification requirements.

Their assessment is that public procurers can allow for supplier documentation and validation through a Safe Tag Certification.You can read their entire assessment and conclusion here.

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