• Use of cookies

For Safe Tag’s website to work properly, we use small text files, also known as cookies, which are stored on your computer or mobile tablet. When you visit our site, you consent to our usage of cookies.

  • What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file used on Safe Tag’s website and is stored on your computer or mobile tablet. The cookies are created when you visit our site and allows us to keep track of information on your movement on our site.

By allowing cookies in your browser you accept our use of cookies on our website. This approval can be withdrawn at any time, and can easily be done by changing your browser settings. More information about this can be found below under “controlling cookies”.

  • How Safe Tag uses cookies

Safe Tag uses cookies out of three purposes:

  1. Improve user experience on the website We use cookies to improve your experience and navigation on the site. The cookies remembers and stores your navigation on the site e.g. remembers which pages you previously visited, and allows you to jump back to previously visited pages, or click on the “breadcrumb trail” on the top of the page (A type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in a website or Web application).
  2. Analysis of user behavior Safe Tag uses cookies for analyzing all user behavior in the website. This information is collected by cookies and, gathered and analyzed in Google Analytics. This is subject to Googles Privacy Policy. All information obtained by the cookies is only used by Safe Tag and will never be distributed to any third party.
  3. Targeting In some cases, we use cookies to show you relevant and customized ads when you visit other sites part of the Google Display- network. Information obtained will not be used to identify individuals.
  • How Safe Tag uses cookies

Most web browsers enable you to control, block or delete cookies. For more information about this visit: