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About Safe Tag

Safe Tag facilitates an interaction between procurers and their suppliers based on compliance, fairness, and openness. We collect and certify relevant data about the supplier, and when all points of revision are approved, we issue a certificate confirming that the supplier complies with all the relevant rules and regulations governing public tenders.

Safe Tag provides procurers and suppliers with a common framework that allows for efficient pre-qualification processes, regardless of industry affiliation. This allows procurers to manage their supplier portfolio within one system, while suppliers can maintain all relevant documentation in one application.

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By submitting my details, I consent that Safe Tag stores the information provided, and can use it for communication and follow-up related to my inquiry. Safe Tag stores my information safely, and will not distribute it to anyone else.

For procurers

Safe Tag certifies businesses across all industries and sectors. Efficient process support ensures that all documentation related to suppliers and specific tender requirements are kept up-to-date, in accordance with contractual and statutory requirements.

For compliance– and procurement officers, this means that they`ll always have access to relevant supplier information through one easy-to-use application. This reduces time spent on information gathering and verification to a bare minimum, facilitates fulfillment of the company’s CSR and legal obligations and minimizes exposure to any negative PR or legal fall out.

For supplier

Safe Tag certified suppliers get access to their own customized supplier portal. This dashboard-solution acts as the suppliers interface towards the procurers, allowing for both direct communication and dynamic document management. In addition, you`ll get access to a unique set of Omnichannel marketing templates allowing you to showcase your Certification.

A Safe tag certified provider is recognized as a trustworthy supplier operating in full compliance with the current rules and regulations. As a certified supplier, you will be searchable for all procurers in Safe Tag looking for suppliers with certain attributes or skill sets, which means an increase in positive exposure for your company.

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