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Safe Tag safeguards the procurement process – within all industries

Through our web-based supplier management system, we provide secure certification of critical supplier data, as well as process support that enables automated workflows and sharing of documents between relevant parties.

For suppliers

Safe Tag provide suppliers who are compliant with rules and regulations the opportunity to present themselves in a favourable fashion in a business environment characterized by ever-increasing competition.

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For procurers

Safe Tag provides procurers with the necessary tools to manage compliance, risk, and opportunity across their supplier portfolio, in a cost-efficient manner.

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Is Safe Tag a viable Qualification tool for procurers within the public sector?

The law firm Arntzen de Besche AS has evaluated whether public procurers subject to LOA are allowed to use Safe Tag as a tool for documentation and fulfilment of qualification requirements.

Their assessment is that public procurers can allow for supplier documentation and validation through a Safe Tag Certification.
You can read their entire assessment and conclusion here.

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